Senva EM-RS485 Protocol Energy Meter (Meter ONLY)


The Senva EM-RS485 is the safest and fastest meter to install on the market. It is the perfect product for retrofits as the high voltage components are embedded in the Current/Voltage Transducer™ (CVT™). The entire assembly is easily mounted inside the electrical panel, eliminating labor and space required to install a separate transducer box. Each CVT™ sensor uses digital communication with the meter for superior noise immunity - ideal for applications where accuracy matters! The CVT™ sensors are individually calibrated and measurement accuracy is independent of the transducer.

The EM-RS485 is a three channel meter, capable of monitoring single-phase, two-phase and three-phase systems, as well as 3 independent single-phase systems with one meter. The EM-RS485 meter offers BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU protocols and 2 pulse inputs to maintain flexibility during installation and operation. The EM-RS485 is compatible with all sizes of CVT's™. With the EM-RS485 intelligent meter technology, the device self-configures baud rate, serial format, protocol, and address (BACnet only) - eliminating additional configuration steps. One universal EM-RS485 meter supports all CVT™ sensor options (sold separately) in the family.


  • 0.2% Meter Accuracy (ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 standards), 1% System (meter + CVT™) Accuracy
  • Auto-configures baud rate, network type, serial format and self-addresses - No manual configuration necessary during install
  • Supports both BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU
  • Self diagnosing meter for troubleshooting assistance
  • 2 pulse inputs for connecting other meters (water, gas, steam, etc.)
  • One universal meter supports all CVT™ sensor options (sold separately) in the family
  • All CVT's™ (sold separately) sizes rated for 90-600V
  • Calibration is at the CVT™ level so any CVT™ from the family will maintain its accuracy with any EM Series meter
  • Multiple mounting options
    • Supports mounting on either horizontal or vertical PR30 (TS 35/F6) DIN rail
    • Snap-in mounting ears allow screwing to any suitable surface
    • Integrated rare earth magenets secures the EM-RS485 meter to any ferrous enclosure or surface - ideal for auditing!
  • Compact Size - fits in the palm of your hand!

Split-core Rogowski CVT™ (sold separately)

  • Flexible coil is easier to install
  • Senses both voltage and current, communicating with the meter through a low voltage data cable
  • Digitally calibrated; interchangeable
  • Digital communication offers superior noise immunity to traditional induced low-signal Rogowskis
  • Available in multiple sizes and ratings to meet project requirements

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More Information
Features DIN Rail Mount, Surface Mount
Manufacturer Senva
Measurement Single Phase 2 Wire, Single Phase 3 Wire, Three Phase 3 Wire, Three Phase 4 Wire
Rating 120/208V, 277/480V, 480V, 600V
Type KWH Power & Energy Meters
Additional Skus EMRS485
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