Shimpo Instruments DT-311D Xenon Stroboscope Universal Power


The DT-311D is a portable, highly stable, industrial-quality stroboscope for non-contact inspection and observation of moving parts by providing the user the illusion of stopped or slowed down equipment movement. Constructed with a rugged metal enclosure, the DT-311D’s withstand harsh, industrial usage. The universal power range (85-240 VAC) allows one model to be utilized on various power voltages in a multitude of countries. The included top & bottom handles aid in portability and usage flexibility. The control adjustment settings allow the flash rate to be readily altered by the user to visually inspect rotating or reciprocating machinery such as gear teeth, rotors, shafts, rewinders, printing presses, etc. all without stopping production. External trigger mode with connected remote sensor input enables the flash rate to be synchronized to the speed of the process. These features make the DT-311D universally-powered stroboscope ideal for quality inspection and preventive maintenance of automated motion equipment.


  • Heavy-duty construction enclosure provides exceptional durability
  • Highly focused reflector eliminates "blind" viewing areas
  • External trigger input allows unit to be automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Universal power capability from 85-240 VAC allows one model to handle a multitude of local power requirements
  • Easy tri-pod or permanent mounting with integral mounting thread
More Information
Display No
Features Xenon Strobe
Manufacturer Shimpo Instruments
Power ACV
Type Stroboscopes
Additional Skus DT311D
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