Simpson Electric 12311 Model 372-3 Ohmmeter - 340mA/50 MOhms


The Simpson Electric 372-3 is a compact, hand-held ohmmeter which is easy to use with just one knob for selecting one of 6 resistance ranges. It also features a front zero ohms adjust knob. Each meter comes with battery and test leads with alligator clips.


  • Versatile - wide variety of resistance measurements in a small package
  • Ranges from 0-500 Ohms to 0-50 Megohms
  • Compact size is ideal for use in schools, on test benches, or at incoming inspection
More Information
Display Analog
Manufacturer Simpson Electric
Measurement 50 MOhms
Type Ohmmeters
Additional Skus 12311, 372-3, 3723
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