Time Mark Corp. Model 4052 Pump Down Controller


The Time Mark Model 4052 is a pump down controller which provides total control for duplex pumping systems. The Model 4052 monitors, controls and displays the liquid level in a tank or reservoir, up to a depth of 34.6 feet. The input to the Model 4052 can be from any 2 or 3-wire transducer with a 4-20mA output that represents 0 to 34.6 feet. A 24VDC regulated probe supply is included. A Level Simulator is provided to aid in programming five set points: Low Alarm, Pumps Off, Level 1, Level 2 and High Alarm.

A universal zero to 30 second On Delay can be programmed to prevent outputs from closing due to input fluctuations caused by turbulent conditions. An additional 4-20mA output with zero and span controls is provided for a chart recorder or other external device. Four heavy-duty 10 amp, 120V contacts are provided for pump control and alarm activation. An auto-dialer or other emergency device can be activated with the SPDT power loss relay. This relay is held open when power is applied.


  • Duplex Pump Alternation
  • 4-20 mA Input
  • Scaleable 4-20mA Output
  • Hand-Off-Auto Controls
  • Dual Run-time Meters
  • UL Recognized (US and Canadian)
More Information
Features Pump Controller
Manufacturer Time Mark Corporation
Power 120V AC
Type Liquid Level Controllers
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