Time Mark Corp. Model A246 3-Phase Power Monitor, 120 VAC, SPDT, Socket Mount


The Time Mark Model 246 3-Phase Monitor is designed to continuously monitor 3-phase power lines for abnormal conditions. This device features solid-state voltage and phase angle sensing circuits, which drive a SPDT electromechanical relay. A neutral is not required, allowing the Model 246 to be used with either Wye or Delta systems. Each option on the Model 246 monitor is adjustable throughout its operating range. The adjustment pots and LED indicators of OVER VOLTAGE and UNDER VOLTAGE are mounted on the front of the unit, for easy access.

Three versions of the Model 246 cover the 120VAC 60 Hz (Model A246), 208/240 VAC 60 Hz (Model B246) and 380 VAC 50 Hz (Model EX246) ranges. In addition, the models A246 and B246 are now CSA Certified.


  • Model A246 = 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Monitors for phase loss, reversal, low voltage and high voltage
  • Automatic reset
  • SPDT Output contacts
  • CSA certified

Additional Info

  • Plug-in
  • Phase Monitor
  • Automatic
More Information
Display No
Features Automatic Reset
Manufacturer Time Mark Corporation
Measurement Over Voltage Sensing, Phase Loss Sensing, Phase Reversal Sensing, Under Voltage Sensing
Type Phase Monitor
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