Triplett 3399 Fox 2 and Hound 3 Wire and Cable Tracing Kit


The Triplett Fox 2 and Hound 3 Kit includes the Fox 2 Tone Generator and the Hound 3 Inductive Tracer Probe. Combining the features and benefits of these 2 units offers a complete solution for all cable and wire tracing needs.

The Fox 2

  • High Output Tracer Tone
  • Generates 2 of 6 user selectable Tracer Tones
  • Internal User Selectable Settings - HI/LO Pitch Shift, Warble/Continuous Tracer Tone, On/Off Audio Pilot Tone, On/Off Cadence Shift
  • "True Trace" - Cadence of tracer tone changes when pair is momentarily shorted, allowing for definite ID of target wire pair
  • Cordless Phone Interface - allows a user to use a standard cordless phone for hands free "True Trace"!
  • Warble/Pulse Tracer Tone - Selectable tone for audible and visual ID using Hound, Hound or Hound 3 Inductive Tracer Probes
  • 3 Methods of Connectivity - RJ-11, RJ-45 and Alligator clips
  • Overload Warning Beeper - alerts user to potential hazards
  • Supplies "Talk Power" to allow communicating between handsets (talksets) or powering a telephone
  • Built-in Telephone Ringer
  • Visual and Audible Continuity Tests
  • Works with Hound, Hound 2 or Hound 3 Inductive Tracer Probes
  • Powered by a standard 9V battery (not included)

The Hound 3

  • New Headlights to help light your way in dark areas and reduce florescent light noise
  • Streamlined Design allows for better access in hard-to-reach areas
  • New Shielded Design to suppress "Feedback Squeal"
  • Bandpass Filter to suppress 60 Hz and Hi-Frequency Noise
  • Earphone Jack for use in quiet or noisy environments
  • Improved Sensitivity and Loudness
  • Adjustable volume / sensitivity control
  • LED gets brighter as the signal gets stronger
  • Capable of identifying the Fox's tone up to 12" away
  • For use with the Fox, Fox 2, Fox Jr, TDR, LAN TDR, or WireMaster XR-2 for quick and efficient wire tracing

Check out Triplett's Fox & Hound DEMO Video

Additional Info

  • Tone Generator
More Information
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Features Tone Generator, Wire Tracer
Manufacturer Triplett
Type Cable & Wire Testers
Additional Skus Fox 2, Hound 3
UPC 6 14395 00112 4
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