Veris Industries H722HC - Solid-Core AC Current Transducer - 0-50/100/200 ACA/0-5 DCV


The Veris Industries Hawkeye H-722HC provides accurate load trending information with a proportional 0-5VDC output signal. Preset slide-switches provide easy field setup of sensed amperage range without clumsy jumpers.


  • Amperage Range: 0-50/100/200 ACA
  • 0-5 DCV Self Powered Output

Self Powered analog current sensor simplifies installation

  • No external power required for sensor...eliminate power supplies
  • Economical solid-core models feature adjustable bracket for easy alignment
  • No jumpers on unit...reduces installation error

Selectable factory calibrated ranges for increased flexibility and resolution

  • Switch-selectable ranges for high resolution and installation ease
  • Three field-selectable ranges per unit
  • Mounting bracket for installation flexibility
More Information
Input 0-50/100/200 ACA
Features Solid-Core CT
Manufacturer Veris Industries
Output 0-5 DCV
Range 150-500 ACA
Type Current Transducers
Additional Skus H722HC, H-722HC
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