Yokogawa 201318 Analog AC Voltmeter 150/300V, 3.8VA Portable Standard


The Yokogawa 201318 AC Voltmeter is a moving iron type instrument using a taut-band suspension system. The suspension system provides excellent reproducibility without friction and good resistance to shock impact. The 201318 features a cap shield mechanism serving to reduce external magnetic fields, a superior temperature compensation circuit and other components to ensure stable performance.


  • 201318 = 150/300ACV, 3.8VA
  • Taut-band suspension system eliminates friction and provides good resistance to shock impact
  • Stable performance ensures that changes over time are negligible
  • Magnetic circuit reduces the effects of external magnetic fields
  • Superior temperature compensation circuit reduces external temperature effects
More Information
Features Portable Standard
Manufacturer Yokogawa
Measurement AC Voltage
Type Misc. Test Equipment
Additional Skus 2013-18
YCA_2013XX_Specs (263.34 kB)
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