Megger MTO106 Transformer Ohmmeter - 6A/30 kOhms


The Megger MTO106 Transformer Ohmmeter is an easy-to-use, line-operated instrument specifically designed for safe and accurate field measurement of winding resistance in smaller transmission and distribution transformers. The MTO106 has dual channels with a wide measurement range and can accurately provide information about the vast majority of power transformers, reactors and instrument transformers. The test current can be manually set in five different ranges to fit transformers of various sizes. The MTO106 is exceedingly simple to use, which minimizes the need to train service engineers. It has a single selector switch for test current and a single button to activate the test cycle.


  • 2 Channels with Max 6A Current Output
  • ±0.25% Measurement Accuracy
  • 48V Test Voltage for Fast Saturation of Transformers
  • Multimeter Type Operation, Intuitive & Fast
  • Safety Through Automatic, Passive Discharge Circuitry
  • True Portability - Compact Size and Low Weight

The MTO106 is mainly intended for field measurements of smaller transmission and distribution transformers.

  • To Verify Factory Test Readings
  • As Part of a Regular Maintenance Program
  • To Help Locate the Presence of Defects in Transformers such as Increased Contact Resistance in Terminal Connections and Tap Changers
More Information
Display Digital
Manufacturer Megger
Measurement 30k Ohms
Type Ohmmeters
Additional Skus MTO106, BN-19090, BN19090
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