Ram Meter Inc. - December 2019 Newsletter

December 18th, 2019:
We have just released our December 2019 Newsletter. Read on to see what we have in store this month. Or checkout the full version online HERE!

Fun Facts About the Month of December

Fun Facts About the Month of December: December comes from the Latin word decem, meaning “ten” because December was originally the tenth month of the early Roman calendar. Many of us associate the month of December with cold weather. Afterall, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, which is the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. However, December 21st also marks the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere! Additionally, December is the month that many celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and New Years!

But enough about December, you want to see the featured products! So here we go...

Sixnet SLX-5ES 5-Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

The Sixnet SLX-5ES series line of unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet performance requirements that extreme applications demand. The SLX-5ES is a 5 port switch available with 5 RJ45 10/100 ports or with 4 RJ45 10/100 and 1 single or multimode Fiber port. The SLX-5ES unmanaged switches offer protected circuitry and tough DIN-rail metal packaging to ensure rugged reliability and long-term service in harsh environments. With over 1,000,000 hours MTBF, industrial networks will stay up and running for many years to come.


  • Up to 5 fast Ethernet (10/100) ports
  • 1 fiber optic port for noise-immune links up to 120 km
  • High performance and value
  • Hardened design for medium or heavier industrial networking applications
  • Slim packaging fits on your DIN-rail
  • Dual power inputs keeps you running
  • Plug and play saves you time and money
  • Fast wire-speed switching
  • Intelligent message routing - No collisions!
  • Suitable for any system
  • Plug & Play Simplicity
  • Auto-sensing for speed and duplex
  • Auto-mdi/mdix-crossover works with straight or crossed cables
  • Auto-polarity corrects for crossed signals
  • No user configuration required
  • Ultra-reliable 1,000,000+ hours MTBF
  • Hazardous locations for Class I, Div 2 and Zone 2
  • Maritime rated for marine, offshore and shipboard applications
  • NEMA TS-2 rated for traffic control systems
  • Dual power inputs with industrial spike protection
  • DIN-rail or direct-panel mounting

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Extech Instruments 407732 Sound Level Meter Kit

The Extech Instruments 407732-KIT is a Sound Level Meter Kit which features the Extech 407732 sound level meter (NIST certified with single point calibration to 94dB) combined with the Extech 407722 1kHz sound calibrator (also NIST certified to 94dB/114dB). The 407732-KIT comes complete with the 407732 sound level meter, microphone wind screen, calibration screw driver, a 9V battery and the 407722 sound calibrator with a 9V battery.

The kit is supplied in an attractive carrying case that provides protection and organization for your meters and accessories.


  • High and Low measuring ranges: 35-100dB (low) and 65-130dB (high)
  • High Accuracy meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards
  • Data Hold and MAX Hold functions
  • Backlit LCD display to view in dimly lit areas
  • Includes 1kHz 94dB sound calibrator
  • Includes plastic carrying case for meter and calibrator

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Veris Industries H8150 Power & Energy Meter

The Veris Industries H8150 Series Energy Meters are easy to install and provide exceptional system accuracy, making them ideal for all submetering applications. Each meter is factory-matched with one to three split-core CTs. Matching serial numbers assure that the meter and CT were calibrated together. The meter/CT pairs are system-calibrated to provide excellent total system accuracies of 1% from 2% to 100% of the amperage rating of the CTs (e.g., 2-100 amps with 100 amp CTs).


The ultimate stand-alone energy metering system.

  • High resolution backlit LCD display provides clear readings at a distance...reduces the risk of misinterpretation of the data. Back-lighting can be disabled if desired.

Simple, fast installation

  • Split-core CTs eliminate the need to remove electrical conductors...reduces installation time
  • Energy meters automatically detect and correct phase reversal, eliminating the need to be concerned with CT load orientation
  • CTs and voltage leads are color coded making it easy to determine correct connection


  • Commercial tenant submetering
  • Performance contracting
  • Allocating costs
  • Real-time power monitoring via local display or through control/data acquisition systems

For additional information about the Veris Industries H8150 Power & Energy Meter, check it out on our website TODAY!

Amprobe Instruments INSP-3 Wiring Inspector & Circuit Tester

The Amprobe INSP-3 wiring inspector is a rugged circuit tester designed to test whether a building’s wiring is in compliance with electrical code in seconds, especially voltage drop under load.

Without scrolling or switching screens, you can quickly identify issues with splices, connections and conductor quality, crucial to safety and performance of the electrical system.

The flashing screen on this circuit tester will clearly indicate incorrect wiring or failures and it won’t trip circuit breakers or blow fuses during the test.


  • Testing efficiency - relevant test data (voltage, voltage drop, hot and neutral voltage drop, voltage with load, ground impedance) is presented on a single large display to save operator time - no scrolling or switching screens needed
  • Verifies if wiring is tested for load carrying ability that it meets electrical code recommendations for voltage drop under load
  • Meter detects faulty wiring in need of repair without removing outlets cover plates, or panel covers:
    • Faulty splices and connections
    • Incorrect wiring
    • Undersized wiring
    • Faulty GFCIs
    • Faulty or incorrectly wired AFCIs
    • Incorrect line voltage
    • Poor ground quality
  • User selectable 0, 10, 15 and 20 amps loads to verify performance of the electrical system
  • Incorrect wiring or voltage drop test failure is clearly indicated by flashing screen
  • Will not trip circuit breakers or blow fuses during the test
  • Tests GFCI and AFCI operations
  • Check ground quality for safety and ability to support sensitive electronic equipment
  • Measure fault currents
  • Save money and time by eliminating guess work
  • NOTE: The INSP-3 does not check the condition of wiring insulation.

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