Ram Meter Inc. - February 2020 Newsletter

February 5th, 2020:
We have just released our February 2020 Newsletter. Read on to see what we have in store this month. Or checkout the full version online HERE!

This month we are proud to introduce the addition of a brand new product line to our mix - REED INSTRUMENTS!

Reed Instruments has been providing quality portable precision test and measurement instruments to the industry since 2004. They offer over 150 instruments that are used every day by industrial maintenance teams, quality control departments, HVAC/R contractors, electricians and health & safety professionals among others.

Reed Instruments R9450 Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The Reed Instruments R9450 carbon monoxide monitor features a multi-line LCD screen which simultaneously displays carbon monoxide (CO), ambient temperature, relative humidity, time and date.

The R9450 is available with or without NIST calibration and is capable of detecting concentrations up to 999 ppm and also features a LCD display, built-in clock and calendar, max hold function and user adjustable alarm limit.


  • Measures carbon monoxide (CO), air temperature and relative humidity
  • User adjustable alarm limit
  • Built-in clock and calendar
  • Max hold function
  • Can be mounted on a wall or placed on desktop
  • Manual CO calibration to zero
  • Low battery indicator

For even more information, check out the Reed Instruments R9450 Carbon Monoxide Monitor on our website TODAY!

Reed Instruments R8140 LED Light Meter

The Reed Instruments R8140 is an auto-ranging LED light meter with detachable and rotatable sensor that allows for one-handed operation.

This LED Light Meter is capable of measuring popular light sources including white, red, green, yellow and blue LEDs up to 199,900 Lux (19,990 Fc).

The R8140 includes an auto-ranging feature to optimize resolution and keeps track of minimum and maximum readings. This instrument is also capable of measuring standard incandescent light sources.


  • Measures ambient light levels of white, red, yellow, green and blue LED light and visible light in Foot-candles or Lux
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Detachable and rotatable light sensor
  • Min/Max and data hold functions
  • Cosine and color corrected measurements
  • User adjustable parameter for specialized light sources
  • Low battery indicator and auto shut off

Can't wait to get your hands on one? Then check out the Reed Instruments R8140 LED Light Meter on our website NOW!

Reed Instruments K4020 AC Powered Digital Stroboscope

The Reed Instruments K4020 digital stroboscope freezes the motion and measures the speed of a rotating object, without contact.

The K4020 is available with 110 ACV and 230 ACV power options and features flash rate speeds from 100 to 10,000 RPM, a xenon light bulb and bright LED display.


  • Measures from 100 to 10,000 RPM
  • Simply aim the instrument at the rotational object and synchronize the strobe's flash rate (FPM) with object speed (FPM)
  • Basic accuracy of ±0.05%
  • 4-digit LED display
  • 5 to 30 minute duty cycle (RPM dependent)
  • Tripod mount for stationary use
  • 6 foot power cord

For additional information about the Reed Instruments K4020 AC Powered Digital Stroboscope, check it out on our website TODAY!

Reed Instruments R5004 3-Phase Motor Rotation & Phase Tester

The Reed Instruments R5004 is a motor rotation and 3-phase tester which is capable of identifying phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise).

The R5004 features a rugged double molded plastic housing and has the ability to identify which of the 3-phases is live.


  • Tests phase orientation of 3-phase power sources
  • Indicates phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and whether each of the three phases is live
  • LEDs display motor rotation and phase status
  • Easy to open alligator clips with wide jaws
  • Durable double molded plastic housing
  • Cat. III 600V safety rating

Eager to find the best Reed Instruments R5004 3-Phase Motor Rotation & Phase Tester for your application? Hurry on over to our website and get yours TODAY!


Did you know that Ram Meter Inc.also offers Repair and Calibration Services? We can provide warranty and non-warranty repair service on most products along with calibration and certification traceable to NIST. We stock a large volume of original manufacturer's repair parts to support every repair. We test all functions and ranges to make sure your instrument is brought back into the manufacturer's original specification. Personal attention is given to each and every repair to assure its reliability and quality.

If you have equipment that is in need of service, be sure to check out our Repair & Calibration Services page and contact us TODAY!