Senva C-1220HV Adjustable Solid-Core Mini AC Current Transducer - 0-50ACA/0-120ACV


The Senva C-1220HV is a solid-core AC current transducer which allows for matching sensor set-point to the motor nameplate, eliminating the need to calibrate in energized enclosures and reducing installation time. It will detect motor undercurrent conditions such as belt loss, coupling shear, and mechanical failure on fans and pumps.


  • C-1220HV = 0-50 ACA / 0-120 ACV
  • Window Size = 0.30"
  • Solid-Core Design
  • Adjustable input
  • Preset™ scaled calibration enables set-point adjustment for proof of flow by simply matching dial to motor full load amps (FLA) nameplate
  • Safer: Eliminates calibration in energized enclosures, reduces arc flash hazard
  • No need to return to calibrate—saves time and money
  • Super low turn-on
  • Superior to differential pressure sensors
  • Industry leading 7 year warranty
More Information
Diameter 0.3" Window
Input 0-50 ACA
Features Solid-Core CT
Manufacturer Senva
Output 0-120 ACV
Type Current Transducers
Additional Skus C1220HV
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