Triplett TVR10G LAN Network Tester 10/100/1000/10000 MB/s


The Triplett TVR10G Pro has been designed to test LAN devices and cabling to the 10, 100 and 1000 Base-T standard. The Main unit performs the bulk of the tests such as determining the LAN device type (is it a hub/switch or PC?), the LAN speed and duplex (10, 100, 1000, 10000 MB/s, half or full duplex) and whether PoE (Power over Ethernet) is present without the need of the Remote Probe. The Remote Probe adds the ability to trace cable locations (by audibly tracing tones cables with all four pairs to insure compatibility with all types of Base-T LANs. The TVR10G Pro helps you locate faulty hubs, PCs or cable connections that are stopping or limiting the performance of your network. You can even go inline between two LAN devices and determine the final negotiated speed and duplex of the link. Designed for both the LAN installer and repair person, it is useful documenting legacy LANs, installing and repairing LANs or adding equipment to existing LANs. Complete with (2) 9V batteries, (2) RJ45 cables, RJ45 to coax adapter, and case.


  • Tests LAN devices and cabling up to the 10000 (10GB) Base-T standard
  • Hub/Switch/PC verifier that indicates the equipment Device Type
  • LAN speedometer that verifies the speed and duplex of the link (10,100,1000,10000MB/s, full or half duplex)
  • Straight thru/crossover cable simulator indicates the type of patch cable required
  • Inline network activity monitor indicates the negotiated speed and duplex between two LAN devices
  • Verifies if PC/hub/switch is ON and hub/switch to hub/switch data transmission
  • Detects POE (Power over Ethernet) and indicates whether it is endspan or midspan
  • Verifies which cable pairs are wired and whether they are straight thru or crossover
  • Cable test port checks continuity, opens, shorts, and splits
  • Audibly trace cable locations of all 4 pairs to insure network compatibility
  • Includes (2) 9V batteries, (2) RJ45 cables, RJ45 to coax adapter, and case
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Manufacturer Triplett
Type Misc. Test Equipment
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