Hoyt Analog / Digital Dual Display Combo Meter

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Hoyt Combo Meter Series*

Hoyt has resolved forever the question of choosing between analog or digital panel meters with the new Combo Series! For the first time, all of the advantages of both analog and digital panel meters are combined into one meter. The Combo Series features the same precision analog meter movement you expect from Hoyt, with the addition of a 3½ digit, bright red digital display featuring 0.37" high digits. For all their innovation, the new Combo Series meters are completely compatible with existing analog-only or digital panel meter applications.

With the addition of what amounts to a digital panel meter (DPM) in an analog panel meter case, questions immediately arise regarding input signal and power supply common, ground, "floating", single ended, or differential inputs. Hoyt resolves these questions very simply - the new Combo Series meters are Self Powered, 2-wire meters. That means there are only two connections, the + and – leads of the input signal. The entire meter, both analog and digital displays, is fully powered by the signal being measured. There are never any grounding or signal reference questions.


  • Dual Analog & Digital displays in ONE meter
  • 3½ digit bright red digital display w/0.37" digits
  • Precision analog meter movement w/a digital display

Models & Sizes:

  • 5035 / 5036 - 3½"
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More Information
Display Analog, Digital
Input AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Frequency
Manufacturer Hoyt
Size 3.5 inch
Type Analog Panel Meters
Additional Skus 5035, 5036
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