Ram Meter Inc. - September 2019 Newsletter

September 18th, 2019:
We have just released our September 2019 Newsletter. Read on to see what we have in store this month. Or checkout the full version online HERE!

Fun Facts About the Month of September

The month of September gets its name from the old Roman word “septem” meaning “seven”, because in the Roman calendar September was originally the seventh month of the year. The Romans also believed that the month of September was looked after by Vulcan, the god of fire and forge. We celebrate Labor Day and Constitution Day in September and the month also contains the first day of Fall/Autumn.

FLIR E6 WiFi Thermal Imager

With the FLIR E6 WIFI Thermal Imager, now you can afford the ultimate inspection tool! Gain the competitive advantage and take care of more customers. Blow them away with dramatic MSX® thermal images that clearly reveal problems from source of energy loss, moisture intrusion and structural issues to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment. And with WIFI connectivity, you can upload images & data to the FLIR Tools app for instant sharing & reporting.

But what is MSX®?
FLIR's exclusive Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging Technology (or MSX® for short) is made for easier interpretation of images. MSX® adds visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image. Text becomes clearly visible so that you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights and orients problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail.


  • 4 to 482°F (-20 to 250°C) temperature range
  • 160 x 120 pixels IR resolution
  • Thermal Sensitivity <0.06°C
  • WIFI Connectivity
  • MSX® Thermal Imaging Technology
  • 3" Color LCD Display
  • On-board 640 x 480 digital camera
  • Radiometric jpg file format
  • Spot Measurement Mode
  • Simultaneous storage of IR/Visual/MSX images
  • Swappable Li-on Battery w/4 hour life
  • Includes power supply/charger, rechargeable battery, FLIR Tools software, USB cable & hard carrying case

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Bacharach Tru-Pointe® Ultra Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The Bacharach Tru-Pointe® Ultra is a compact ultrasonic leak detector that uses patented technology to detect leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Tru-Pointe® Ultra is the world’s first pocket-sized electronic instrument that can simultaneously detect the vacuum and high pressure leaks that occur in HVAC/R systems. The Tru-Pointe® Ultra guides the user to a leak by quantifying the intensity of the ultrasound and converting it to a sound the user can hear easily through headphones. Since the Tru-Pointe® Ultra detects airborne ultrasound and is not particular to gas chemistry, it can detect all types of gases including nitrogen and refrigerants rushing in a system under vacuum. An electronic conversion process called heterodyning translates this ultrasound into true audible sound that helps the user to distinguish leaks through headphones.


  • Not affected by wind or the presence of other gases or high concentrations
  • Ten-segment LED Bar Graph shows signal strength
  • On-the-fly Sensitivity Adjustment aids in locating leaks quickly
  • True sound reproduction ensures fast recognition of leaks
  • Comes complete in a carrying case with folding headset or stereo headphones
  • Complete your kit with optional SoundBlaster® sound generator

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Monarch Instruments F2A3X Signal Conditioner

The Monarch Instruments F2A3X Signal Conditioner is a Frequency to Analog module which converts a frequency input signal into a proportional analog voltage (0-5 DCV) or current (4-20 DCmA) output. The output signal is electrically isolated from input signal and input power source effectively eliminating troublesome ground loops. The input signal can be supplied from a Monarch sensor (measuring RPM for example) or any source of digital signal not exceeding 12 volts. The F2A3X is completely user programmable using the free downloadable PM Remote Software. A NIST certificate of calibration is also included.


  • Standard DIN rail mounting
  • Ethernet communications available
  • 5 to 999,990 RPM range (0.083 to 150kHz)
  • Compatible with most speed sensors (TTL)
  • 12 to 24 DCV input power
  • Alarm set point with optional relay output
  • Pulse repeater output
  • User configurable
  • View real-time data on PC
  • 4-20 DCmA or 0-5 DCV scalable output
  • 10 DCV or 5 DCV sensor excitation
  • Includes NIST calibration certificate

For additional information about the Monarch Instruments F2A3X Signal Conditioner, check it out on our website TODAY!

ATC - Automatic Timing & Controls ATC5 1/16 DIN PID Controllers

The ATC Automatic Timing & Controls ATC500 Series PID/Temperature controllers come standard with a dual 4-digit 7-segment LED display and 17 selectable inputs including T/C, RTD, Current and Voltage. The ATC500 also comes equipped with autotune, Celsius and Farenheit selectable scaling, heat-cool control, ramp-soak, soft start and LED indicators. Additional specifications of the ATC500 series include 200ms sampling, resolution of 0.1 / 1 degree for TC/RTD inputs, indication accuracy 0.25% of F.S. ± 1 degree for TC inputs, ramp rate 1 to 9999 deg / hr, soak time 0 to 1440 min, soft start time 0 to 999 min, alarm modes (deviation / absolute / band / sensor break).

The ATC500 series is available in a 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm) housing with contact ratings of 5A at 230ACV / 30DCV resistive for control and alarm and a supply operating voltage range of 85 to 270 AC/DCV (50/60Hz). In addition, the ATC500 series is UL approved and CE certified.


  • 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm)
  • Dual Display, 4-digit, 7 segment LED
  • TC/RTD Input, Analog Input
  • ON-OFF, PID, PID Autotune
  • C/F degrees selectable scaling
  • Heat Cool PID
  • Ramp Soak
  • Soft Start

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