Sifam Tinsley P30U Programmable Multifunction Transducer - ACA, ACV, Freq, Temp, RTD w/Analog/Relay Output

Sifam P30U Series*

The Sifam Tinsley P30U is a Universal Programmable Transducer which accepts a variety of signals including AC Current, AC Voltage, Frequency, Temperature and RTD and converts these inputs into a load independent DC Current or a load independent DC Voltage signal proportional to the measured value. The P30U is available with a 0-20 DCmA, 4-20 DCmA or 0-10 DCV output and can also be ordered with an additional relay or power supply output and with an external SD card slot or an Ethernet interface.


  • Universal Inputs: ACA, ACV, Freq, RTD, Temperature
  • Mathematical functions for each input
  • Individual characteristic (up to 21 points) for each input
  • Transducer configuration using buttons, RS485, interface and eCon Software, WWW server
  • 1 or 2 alarm output (optional)
  • Power supply of object transducers 24V D.C (optional)
  • External SD card slot (optional)
  • Ethernet Interface with Internal memory (optional)
More Information
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Input AC Current, AC Voltage, Frequency, RTD, Temperature
Manufacturer Sifam Tinsley
Output 0-10 DCV, 4-20 DCmA, Relay Output
Power ACV, DCV
Type Transducers
Additional Skus P3U, P30U, P30U-1, P30U-2
Additional Details

*Pricing & appearance may vary based on configuration!* Please configure product above.

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